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Eboni Lewis The Singer & Soap Boss

Talk about dedication! Singer Eboni Lewis also owns a soap business and from what we've heard it's pretty legit! There's a wide variety of products she offers but nothing sticks out more than the Handcrafted Herbal Soap Honey Love.

Let your body indulge moisture & your sinuses drift into aroma far apart from a simple dove soap bar. We seen prices from $4 to $25 and honestly, we're pretty impressed with everything she's doing!

Samuel Guzman a social media Tutor who can be found at the end of the article stated this This is the kind of inspiration our community needs, people with multiple talents are blessings from the skies She's also known to have a social media manager as well that has been helping/coaching her in the Instagram realm of notoriety.

You can find out more about her with here social media links provided at the end of the article! We highly suggest checking her out.


Samuel Guzman